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Can't Protest? Ways You Can Still Help

Protesting doesn't always have to mean being the front lines, there are many reasons that exist that can prevent people from protesting. Due to the current climate for some people being outside is a risk itself. We wanted to list some ways you can help even if, you have don't have the ability to be on the front lines.

One great resource has been this: Ways To Help - Full Link:

Also: For Protesters - Full Link:

Not only does this link hyperlink to many great resources it also gives some places to help if you are international. Now, for our local PGH residents here a few places that are accepting donations and/or planning protests and various events for the past 3 weeks and counting. They could use your help tremendously during this time of planning everything back to back.

Abolitionist Law Center:


PFI (Pittsburgh Feminists for Intersectionality):

Venmo: @PAYPFI


Patreon: Sisters PGH: Site: PayPal: P.C.I.B. (Pittsburgh I Can't Breathe): Site: BYE (Black Young Edu): Site: 1Hood: Site: Trans YOUniting Site: NCM (No Cop Money PA) Site:

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