Help Mariana Fulfill Her Dream

We need your help with one of our local PA, DACA recipients. Her name is Mariana Benitez, She is in her last year of college at the University of Pittsburgh Public Health Program. Many students can get loans to help with school however, a lot of her family have also immigrated here which makes it much harder to get loans. Considering the fact most students need co-signers to seal the deal with lenders. 

For more an in-depth detail, of the situation listed in her GoFundMe which you can reach HERE
Even if you can't donate, we ask that people share her link and her story to help get towards her goal.

**As of July 16th she is only close to $3,000 of her $48,000. 

Can't Protest? Ways You Can Still Help

Protesting doesn't always have to mean being the front lines, there are many reasons that exist that can prevent people from protesting. Due to the current climate for some people being outside is a risk itself. We wanted to list some ways you can help even if, you have don't have the ability to be on the front lines. 

One great resource has been this: Ways To Help  - Full Link:

Not only does this link hyperlink to many great resources it also gives some places to help if you are international. Now, for our local PGH residents here a few places that are accepting donations and/or planning protests and various events for the past 3 weeks and counting. They could use your help tremendously during this time of planning everything back to back. 

Abolitionist Law Center

PFI (Pittsburgh Feminists for Intersectionality):
Venmo: @PAYPFI

Sisters PGH:

P.C.I.B. (Pittsburgh I Can't Breathe):

BYE (Black Young Edu): 


Trans YOUniting

NCM (No Cop Money PA)

Washington Square Park Protest: NYC


Sapremefilms is a Nightclub Videographer, Journalist, Photographer & creator of 'The Nightclub Recap, Gwinin who captured photos of the Washington Square Park protest in NYC. The photos speak words that even we cannot express. Follow his artwork on IG @sapremefilms. He is taking donations during this time - Cashapp: $SFTHEKING

SAY HIS NAME: Osaze Osagie

SAY HIS NAME: Osaze Osagie
By: Ariel

Osaze Osagie was an autistic African American man living in State College, Pa. He hadn't talked to his dad in a few days, and they asked the police to do a welfare check. They scared him and he picked up a kitchen knife so they shot him dead. Only a few protested when it happened, and no one was charged for his senseless murder. Recent updates have shown the police well were aware that Osaze was potentially suicidal and well aware that he was autistic. Yet, still after bursting into the apartment, they shot him three times in the back as in the back; as he was trying to flee the hallway of his own apartment out of fear.

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

What side are you on my people, what side are you on? We are on the Freedom Side🗣🗣 Pittsburgh showed up again today to protest for #BlackLivesMatter. We show up bc we want Justice for Black Lives. We stand up bc it’s not being served. Until we get Justice & Change, we will #StayInTheStreets #NoJustice #NoPeace #NoRacistPolice We peacefully took to the streets & shut it down. We are not going to get out of the way until we get what we came for. If you don't like having to detour, Stand Up & Support Black Lives. Listen to their stories, value their experience, then learn how to break the cycle. I'm not a blogger, I'm just a girl from Pittsburgh that Loves Black Lives. Everyday. #Peace